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Plugin Wish: Calendar

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12 May 2017, 21:31

Just from a training in Germany we got this wish from participants:

Add a calendar feature in groups.  Adding external calendars like Google Cal is not an option.

Here is a draft list of functionalities and features:

  • Activate Calendar as function for a group
  • Define who can add calendar entries: group admins only | each member of a group
  • Add calendar entry: one time | repeating entry (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
    Title, description, start date, end date, location
    Status: planned, confirmed, done
    Connect with member of the group: this date is booked for...
    Confirmation by added members
  • Edit/delete entry
  • Show entries in monthly, weekly views
  • ical/ics export
  • Import entries from excel: format dd/mm/yy and hh:mm


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15 May 2017, 8:45

Hi Ralf,

Thank you for the information of what a calendar functionality might look like. I created for this wishlist item.

I have a few questions:

  • Should each group only have one calendar?
  • Should individuals also be able to have their own calendar?
  • What about ical import / sync rather than import from a spreadsheet?
  • Should there be a reminder area somewhere about upcoming events?




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16 May 2017, 0:58

Dear Kristina,

I agree with Ralf and would give you some answers:

  • I think one calendar per group is enough,
  • Absolutely yes: With a calendar, the plan makes sense for me. A calendar allows the user to see clearly what are the next steps / tasks and has so a small project management in addition to the content work.
  • ... ?
  • That would be wonderful :-)




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17 July 2017, 10:39

Angela from the University of Darmstadt had programmed a Calendar-Plugin in 2013 that was more or less inaccessible when gitorious closed. I have a copy of that though and I had worked a little on that code, though I most probably didn't fix all issues and usability can definitely be improved. The master-branch seems to work in the 17.04-release though.

You can find the code/plugin here:

Calendars so far are only user-based but it shouldn't be difficult to extend this to group-calendars. Plans are integrated in the calendar, though I remember that there was a dependency-problem in the database when you deleted a calendar that holds elements from a plan or vice versa, because they depended on each other and the events were pushed after the deleting actually takes place.

I someone gives this a try and finds some issues, I'd probably have a look but I can't promise how fast that'd be

Angela said she would be fine with this going into the mahara-core code, but I'm sure this would need a lot of code cleanup.

Best regards

18 July 2017, 20:26

For Mahara, that is connected via MNET to Moodle (SSO from Moodle to Mahara):

Maybe it is worth thinking about, how calenderevents in mahara and moodle can be connected together in one calender?

(in additon but off topic: messagingsystem from moodle an mahara maybe can be also connected)

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