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Mahoodle setup - how to use Mahara Mobile

03 May 2017, 15:35

I just upgraded to Mahara 17.04 and am trying to use Mahara Mobile: is this supposed to work with a SSO Setup from Moodle?

My first trial with a Moodle user did not succeed, but I was able to login (to Mahara from Mobile) with my local admin account.

Are there special settings besides Mahara enabling (all?) Webservices?

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03 May 2017, 17:06

Hello Hermann,

In order to user Mahara Mobile with Moodle, you would need to generate a token manually in Mahara under User navigation menu -> Settings -> Apps. You'll only see this option if you allowed the manual token option under Admin navigation menu -> Admin -> Extensions -> Plugin administration -> mobileapi settings.




04 May 2017, 8:11

Hello Kristina,
thank you very much for this compact help: worked instantly, can’t wait to use this with my students! I was a little bit confused because Mahara Mobile didn’t ask me for a token (after the Admin settings it did though) and because I thought the "Mobile upload token" already given with my settings could do this. Now everything is perfect.
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