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Enter button (on keyboard) not working when searching for a user

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28 April 2017, 15:03

When you search for a user (under the Administration/Users tab) and press enter (on your kbd), the screen doesn't move and doesn't do the search.

When you click the SEARCH button, the query provides the details.

(Only a small thing, but worth mentioning?)


We have tested this on different OS's and browsers as below

Windows   IE            Version 11

MAC           Firefox   Version 52

Windows   Chrome  Version  57

Windows   Edge      Version  38.14

MAC          Safari      Version 10.1



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01 May 2017, 15:36

Hello Lisa,

We'll have to check if that is something that we can change. That field can be a drop-down menu when you have multiple institutions on your site. So the setup may be different to the "User search" at the top of the screen. If you press the tab key then the focus will be on the "Search" button and you can press the "Enter" key.




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02 May 2017, 10:49

Hi Lisa,

This is due to that form being a bit special and not a normal HTML form.

I've added a patch that now treats the pressing of 'enter' in the query field the same as pushing the 'Submit' button, so both will submit the form.

So that should be within the next release



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