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17.04 menu issues

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27 April 2017, 9:28

I am testing 17.04 rc2 and I have to admit I am not happy with the new menu system. Is there anyway we can add the option to disable it or only appear in mobile views? Having the sandwich menu be only one level and redraw the canvas is messy in my opinion. Not sure it has any practical use in a desktop browser view and it complicates navigation.

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27 April 2017, 10:31

Hello Patric,

In Mahara 17.04 you can still use the old-style navigation by basing your theme on the "Old Raw" one and making that the parent. That contains the old navigation. We did consolidate a number of styles, created more variables etc. so there will be some updates needed to your custom theme.

You can find the built-in themes for Mahara with the old navigation at We made the cut-off before the new navigation went in. They'll not receive theme updates though that have been made after that.

You can also create your own navigation and don't have to use the hamburger. Our front-end developer is working on a different navigation to show how the navigation can be changed. Once that is available, we will publish as contributed theme for people to download.




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29 April 2017, 5:47

Thanks Kristina,

Very helpful as always but when I do this I lose the drop down menu. I can see no options to enable it as the toggle has been removed from the admin panel.


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02 May 2017, 7:28

Hi Patric,

Ah there is a bit of information missing for the manual.

To use dropdown menus in 'Old raw' theme you also need to add this to your config.php file

$cfg->dropdownmenuenabled = true;

And that will allow one to toggle on/off the dropdown menu in the Admin -> Configure site -> Site options -> Site settings form.



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02 May 2017, 8:03

Super! Thanks a bunch.


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