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CPD plugin for 16.10

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26 April 2017, 22:49


Does anyone use the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plugin on Mahara version 16.10? The plugin page for CPD ( has not been updated since June 2015.

I found that parts of the plugin don't work properly. We managed some quick fixes to keep it going. But just wondering anyone has already done some further work on this plugin?

Kind regards,


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27 April 2017, 10:33

Hello Shen,

The Git repository was updated last year. We do use it in a 16.04 instance and had contributed our updates back to the project.

Please open an issue in the Github repository for the plugin if something doesn't work as it's a third-party plugin.




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Posts: 87

28 April 2017, 13:09

Hello Kristina,

Thanks for the link and the updates.

Kind regards,


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