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Can we use external storage (e.g. SharePoint) with Mahara?

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11 April 2017, 20:39


I was wondering if anyone has tried using external storage for Mahara artefacts before.

We are finding we are unable to sustain allowing 1GB per student and started thinking of integrating Mahara with our document storage server. We would like to encourage Mahara users to upload files / media to Mahara from this server.  The assumption is they will not be stored on Mahara and therefore we'll save on storage space.

So, is it possible to add files onto pages / portfolios or any other items on Mahara and not have them uploaded to Mahara server i.e. have them stored on another server? 



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12 April 2017, 8:22

Hi Dan,

There is the Cloud plugin that allows to connect several external services to Mahara for storage. However, SharePoint is not yet one of them. See for the supported services. You can check with Gregor, the plugin author, if SharePoint support is already in the making or not.




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