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11 March 2017, 0:33

I know this has probably been asked before but does anyone have a link to examples of e-Portfoilos.

I'm working with some subjects, introducing e-Portfolios and the students have asked for examples of what they can achieve.



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13 March 2017, 9:28

Hello John,

I tag examples at (some may not be accessible anymore).

You can also view some examples in a presentation I gave last year: showcases public student portfolios on the homepage and makes them easily accessible.




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28 July 2017, 21:51

Hello Kristina, do you have any reference about portfolio examples in Spanish?

Thank you so much!! :-)

28 July 2017, 23:10

hi! our students have to submit e-portfolios as evidence of their language learning. We do not provide examples because we want the students to create and share in their own way, not copy ideas from others. We did make a little video to show the sorts of things that are important and we provide drop-ins to support students as they work. This is the best approach in our context, of course every assessment construct will vary. Project details here

I have used mahara for my own e-portfolio as part of my CMALT application and review. These are shared openly. 


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02 August 2017, 0:21


there is a sample portfolios (in Spanish) accessible from the project EUfolio:

In connection to this sample (including a learning design and assessment rubrics) you can also find:

Barral Sánchez, Claudia (2015): Interview to Dickens, online unter: (letzter Zugriff: 11.06.2015).


García, David (2014): Interview to Dickens, online unter: (letzter Zugriff: 11.06.2015).

I've used these examples in an article, but it is in German - so, I guess, you won't be able to read it :-(

From our new project ATS2020 (Assessment of Transversal Skills) I've already used a Spanish group page (made in Mahara - could be considered as a showcase ePortfolio) on working with "Le petit prince" (page is in Spanish):

You can also find the Learning Design for "Le petit Prince" in the ATS2020 resources portal:

Try this portal - maybe you can find further Spanish resources!

Kind regards,


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02 August 2017, 2:22

Hello Margari,

I'm afraid I don't have any Spanish examples. Andrea posted a few suggestions though that will hopefully help you further along.

Even though there may not be lots of Spanish examples that we can share, you can take a look at the Newsletter at and find inspiration in the many ways that Mahara is used.




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07 October 2017, 5:05

i see edit but not to delete my message?

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13 October 2017, 10:12

Hello David,

Only group admins and moderators would be able to delete a forum post.




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