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Issues adding images to text boxes via the text editor in 16.04

15 February 2017, 0:27

Dear all,

I am probably missing something really obvious here but every time I try to add an image from 'My files' to a text box via the insert image icon on the text editor I see everything is as I want it but the second I hit 'Save' both the image and any text I had in the text box just disappears?!

Similarly, f I use the image url, the image tries to go in but still does not present correctly.

The text box is an element of a page that I am using as a template for users to copy and make their own version of should that have any bearing at all?

Apologies if this is glaringly obvious but still relatively new to Mahara. Therefore, any guidance would be very gratefully received! :o)

Kind regards,


Steve (Faculty Learning Technologist - University of Kent, UK)


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21 February 2017, 8:25

Hi Steve,

Can you please check your database encoding? I haven't seen your problem before, but we've seen an issue with Greek letters turning into questionmarks before. Maybe some of the info at could be useful.




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