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How to choose a certain journal before uploading a blogpost?

12 February 2017, 0:56

I did'nt find a possibility to choose from my different journals before uploading a blogpost - so Mahara takes one by default? but afterwards back on Mahara I can't move the blogpost to another journal?

Did I miss something? Without the possibility to choose or at lease to move the blogpost afterwards this feature is quite useless when I have more than one journal ....

Thanks in advance for replies
and greetz from Vienna


12 February 2017, 0:57

sorry, I forgot: I have the latest version of Mahara Mobile on an Android smartphone.

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21 February 2017, 8:33

Hello Klaus,

Currently, it's not possible to to select from existing journals on Mahara Mobile. It's the first iteration of this new app and there are a bunch of features that would be great to implement, but haven't made it in yet. As usual, having some funding for new features is always helpful. :-)




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