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Who is using Mahara?

10 February 2017, 10:06


I would like to know about the number of institutions that are using Mahara worldwide, maybe by continent. Are there any statistics available?

I first took a look on the « Who is using Mahara? » page, but the information up there is very general.

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21 February 2017, 8:42

Hello Stéphanie,

The page you are referring to is a bit sad looking and lacks a lot of examples. It's on my ToDo list to give it an update and add more sites as there are of course many, many more. Just need to find the time... I think I'll need to lock myself into a room for a day and just do it. ;-)

There have been various attempts at compiling lists of Mahara users, but none of them are complete. The Mahara project knows of some of them when people register their site with the project (go to Administration -> Register site), but not many sites choose to do that. So even that wouldn't give a good indication who is using it.

Currently, we do not make the statistics (or part of them) available publicly as we'd need to change the registration screen so that people registering their site are aware of the fact that some information will be shared publicly.

I tag institutions I come across at (or portfolio examples directly under the tag "mahara_portfolio_example"). The sites can typically also be filtered for type of institutions and country. Please feel free to start tagging as well.




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