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Report objectionable material on public pages without being connected

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10 February 2017, 5:42


I'm looking for how a visitors can report objectionable material on public pages without being connected. I can't find the link to achieve this action. It seems the link is only available while I'm being connected.

How do you manage to be informed of objectionable material if public visitors aren't able to report it?

It seems to me to be real problem if it isn't possible...

Thanx for help.


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21 February 2017, 8:45

Hello Emmanuel,

At the moment, you can only report objectionable content when you have an account on Mahara and are logged into it. I created a wishlist item to make that functionality available for logged out users:

For the time being, they could always use the "Contact us" possibility to let a site admin know. So it's not entirely impossible to report content that violates the terms and conditions.




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