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Smart Evidence icons

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07 February 2017, 11:27

We are looking closely at the Smart Evidence feature.  However, some of our educators are very concerned about the symbols in the red/yellow/green icons - particularly the green tick.  In our use case, we really didn't want to show a 'tick' which implies passed or completed.  We were thinking an open red circle, the half yellow icon and a solid green dot would better fit our needs. 

Is it possible to change these icons?


Also, is it possible to update a matrix file?  For example, if we have uploaded one and then want to change the label on the green 'completed' icon or similar.  If you upload the same filename again, will it change?




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07 February 2017, 13:20

Hi Cyle

Currently there is no admin interface way of achieving what you want but the changes you want should be easy enough to do on the server end.

To change what icons are used for SmartEvidence yo ucan edit the htdocs/module/framework/lib.php file and look for the get_state_array() function. You can see what icons are being used by what classes are associated with each state.

To change the green tick to a green solid dot change 'icon-check-circle' to 'icon-circle'

To change the colours the icons use you can see they are defined in htdocs/theme/raw/sass/components/_framework.scss in a couple of places. Either change them there and recompile the css or directly edit you css files for the 'begin', 'incomplete', 'partial', 'completed' styles.


To edit info for an already uploaded matrix file currently one needs to update the info directly on the database level

The data for a matrix file is stored in the tables beginning with 'framework'

To change the 'completed' value for a framework first you would need to find the id of the frame work in the framework table, eg

 SELECT id,name FROM framework;

Then find the status labels for this framework

 SELECT id,name, type FROM framework_evidence_statuses WHERE framework = 2 ORDER BY type;

Then update the 'name' column as required by id, eg

 UPDATE framework_evidence_statuses SET name = 'New label' WHERE id = 8;

or by framework/status type

 UPDATE framework_evidence_statuses SET name = 'New label' WHERE framework = 2 AND type = 3;







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07 February 2017, 17:52

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the very quick and comprehensive answer.  I'll see what I can do.

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21 February 2017, 9:07

Hi Cyle,

Instead of updating the database, you can also create a new matrix file and upload that and delete the old one if nobody has used it yet. Otherwise, you can set the old one to inactive and new users won't be able to see it but only your new SmartEvidence.




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