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ePortfolios supporting professional development

07 February 2017, 3:03

Just joined the group to continue to develop my interest and understanding of using ePortfolios to support the professional development of educators. I am currently on a secondment to the National Forum of Teaching and Learning in Ireland, and am working on a series of pilot studies around the sector with education professionals who are mapping the newly emerged national professional development framework to their practice. An aspect of this is exploring the potential of ePortfolios for supporting them in the collection and curation of evidence and reflections of their PD, so will be very insightful to hear what is taking place within this group.



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08 February 2017, 0:26

Dear Roisin,

I like to recommend you a look at the project the project EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios (the URL is unfortunately "blacklisted" in this forum, so you need to google it) and an article about the project:

Ghoneim, Andrea; Ertl, Bernhard
Implementation of ePortfolios in Lower Secondary Schools. Experiences in the Framework of the Project EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios with a Focus on Teacher Training. In: Reflecting Education. Vol. 10, No. 1, October 2016, pp. 55-69. (available Open Acces, but unfortunately, the link is also blacklisted here)

Maybe you also like to have a look at the ongoing project ATS2020. Assessment of transversal skills at [link blacklisted]

There is also a Mahara portfolio for the WP on "Tools and Technology": [but finally it turns out that obviously all links are blacklisted here]

Both projects also had parts for teacher CPD and offer resources centers with further information on Mahara other ePortfolio environments.

You will find some Irish colleagues if you go through the project information :-)

There is further information about ePortfolio projects and implementations - partly also for Professional Development - on [link blacklisted] - but I guess that you have found this website already.

Kind regards,

Andrea (Please write to [email protected] if you want this post with all the links)

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09 February 2017, 4:47

Hi Andrea

I read your response to Riosin with interest as I am also researching into using e-portfolios to record CPD against Professional Standards in English vocational teaching (post compulsory sector).  I followed up by looking at the Reflecting Education Journal and found some really interesting and useful articles - so many thanks for sharing these.


10 February 2017, 0:19

This is great Andrea, I appreciate the direct to thee links - I will contact you on email as a followup.

regards, Roisin

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10 February 2017, 8:08

Thanks Andrea for the info. I am interested in the long term use of ePortfolios beyond both secondary and tertiary institutions. Just wondering if there's any EU data about this? 

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11 February 2017, 3:35

Dear David,

unfortunately I don't know about any such data or information. I would be interested myself, as I see as an admin that ePortfolios of my students (at are sometimes kept for a while, but then abandoned (or, at least, not updated any more). I'd like to find out whether the creators of these ePortfolios just switch to another platform and create a new ePortfolio or whether they give up ePortfolio work completely.

On the other hand I know reports in which teachers state that they are very happy to have a portfolio with their teaching material and reflections (from the context of the KidZ-project in Austria, which is also part of the mentioned Journal "Reflecting Education", in the article "Accompanying Teachers on Their Way to Innovative Lesson Design New Formats in Teacher Education in the Context of the Austrian KidZ- Project for Innovative and Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching". However, the project is still too young to see if the teachers keep + maintain their ePortfolios for a longer time.

Maybe someone else here has information on long-term use of ePortfolios, even across institutions + phases of life?

Kind regards,


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21 February 2017, 8:36

Hi Andrea,

You should be able to post the link again. It was discovered that our spam protection service had changed URLs and thus some URLs were detected as false positives. Sorry about this inconvenience.




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09 February 2017, 4:44

Hi Roisin

I was very interested to read your post as it sounds similar to the pilot work I am doing with teacher trainees and newly qualified teachers in the vocational sector in England.  There is a requirement to map CPD to the Professional Standards 2014 and I been working on how best to achieve this through Mahara e-portfolios.  I started a new project a few months ago which is emerging as an exploration of the professional profile linking CPD -  both vocational and educational  - and referenced to the Professional Standards.  There is some interesting work going on around how this also impacts on professional identity.  

BTW do you know about the Mahara Ireland user group?


10 February 2017, 0:17

Thank you Louise for the info, and I would certainly like to keep in touch with you about your CPD mapping project as it is relevant to what we are working on at the moment.

best wishes, Roisin

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