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09 January 2017, 9:29

Quick query re plugins. We are looking at quick sharing of some public pages and collections with our Facebook, etc. Do the plugins for Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter work with 16.10? Thank you.

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10 January 2017, 15:49

Hello David,

The only one of these plugins listed at is the LinkedIn profile one that has gotten an upgrade to Mahara 15.10 and should thus also work with 16.10 but might need a few fixes.

You can try installing the others on a test site and see if there is an issue. Functionalitywise, they should still work, but any CSS would need to be updated.




Patric Lougheed's profile picture
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10 January 2017, 17:03


I am using the Twitter block and 16.10 without issue.


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Posts: 23

10 January 2017, 19:02

Thank you Patric and Kristina...we will try and report back.

Gregor Anželj's profile picture
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12 January 2017, 0:41

Actually Linkedin profile plugin was upgraded/updated for Mahara 16.10. I just haven't got the time to announce.

Everyone interested can get the latest version at

HTH, Gregor

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