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31 December 2016, 15:54

Please forgive my ignorance of bureaucratic discourse ;) but can I change the code around and replace the logos and stuff? Or am I not at liberty to make any changes outside the website admin pages and server configuration? If so, to what extent can I modify things and what are the restrictions, if any?

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01 January 2017, 1:53

Austin hi.

Please see Mahara Manual at and especially sections and

For local customizations please consult Mahara Wiki at

Hope that helps.

Kind regards, Gregor

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01 January 2017, 20:47

Very cool Thank you.

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04 January 2017, 11:02

Hi Austin,

Mahara is published under GNU General Public License version 3+. You can change all the code and don't have to use the Mahara logo or refer to Mahara on your site, though we'd appreciate you leaving the Mahara logo in the footer so others know what software your site is running on.

For more information, please see

We do encourage you to put your own institution's logo on the site and make customizations to incorporate your brand and make the site look more like your other sites for your users to identify with it more. Mahara comes with a number of built-in themes that you can use or also adapt. You can use an existing theme and use that as parent theme to create your own or you can download one of the themes contributed by the community. See Themes created for versions below Mahara 15.10 won't work on Mahara 15.10 or later. Themes created for Mahara 15.10 do work for more recent versions of Mahara, and may only need a few small changes.




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