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User creation via web services?

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19 December 2016, 11:15

Question from a community member:

We are trying to integrate our LMS to Mahara.

From what I saw, we have the possibility to do REST requests to the Mahara webservice using a generated token.

What we want to achieve is:

  • Create a user on Mahara based on the user inside our LMS (with a randomized string password)
  • Create a group on Mahara with the Mahara Service
    • Also add the created User above as member (tutor role)

From what I saw in the Webservice functions documentation, this is possible (I’ve tried them out)

The question that we are having:

Is it somehow possible to authenticate the user created above when he tries to click on the link to Mahara for the group created above?

We want to achieve this, as the user is automatically generated and he cannot know his password.

Thank you very much

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