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Mahara security release: 16.04.4, 15.10.6, 15.04.10

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25 October 2016, 20:44

Hi all,

Today we're announcing new minor releases for the Mahara 16.04, Mahara 15.10, and Mahara 15.04 series.

These releases include 1 security fix relating to access control, as well as several bug fixes.

Site administrators are advised to upgrade as soon as possible. More information about the security issue can be found in the security forum.

Release packages, as well as a full list of changes, are available on our Launchpad project:


Note: The 15.04.10 release is the final supported release in the 15.04 series.

Special thanks, as always, to everyone who helped by reporting bugs, submitting patches, and testing the changes!

The Mahara release managers at Catalyst

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25 October 2016, 23:28


Sorry for the misprint earlier. Mahara 15.04 is still supported until October 2017 as it is the last version before we moved to Bootstrap and thus enjoys a longer support time frame.




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26 October 2016, 12:31


This is a message for anyone using Persona authentication on their sites.

You may already know that Persona is going to be retired as of the end of November 2016. Now you already see a notice to that effect when you log in to your Persona account.

With these minor point updates, we are decommissioning Persona in Mahara and provide you with a handy user migration tool for any user accounts that are using Persona.

Please check the information in the user manual (it's the same no matter whether you are on 15.04, 15.10, 16.04 or 16.10).




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