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Bug in email validation

08 October 2016, 22:48

Hi Folks,

Mahara version is 1604

[WAR] 9b (lib\dml.php:1008) Failed to get a recordset: mysqli error: [1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'key='I1foZCEaAJ7UwWnc' AND email='[email protected]'' at line 1] in EXECUTE("DELETE FROM "artefact_internal_profile_email" WHERE verified=0 AND key='I1foZCEaAJ7UwWnc' AND email='[email protected]'")
Command was: DELETE FROM "artefact_internal_profile_email" WHERE verified=0 AND key=? AND email=? and values was (0:I1foZCEaAJ7UwWnc,1:[email protected])
Call stack (most recent first):
  • delete_records_sql("DELETE FROM "artefact_internal_profile_email" WHER...", array(size 2)) at D:\programs\xampp\htdocs\mahara1604\lib\dml.php:985
  • delete_records_select("artefact_internal_profile_email", "verified=0 AND key=? AND email=?", array(size 2)) at D:\programs\xampp\htdocs\mahara1604\artefact\internal\validate.php:29


This is the error message i got when i decline the newly added email address validation after adding with my profile - Contact information. Please help me to sort out. Thanks in advance!

Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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10 October 2016, 8:44

Hello Akilan,

Can you please provide more information on your operating system and your database version? I see that it is MySQL. I tested on Postgres and it works fine.




10 October 2016, 19:33

details are OS - Windows Vista / PHP Version 5.6.3 / Mysql version: 5.6.21.  

Thank you!

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19 October 2016, 13:27

Hi Akilan

You have indeed found an error in email validation


I've made a bug report for it here

And begun a patch to fix it

This should be fixed soon



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