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Stop Mp3s from being Downloaded

03 October 2016, 23:06

Hi all,


how can I stop the mp3s that are added as 'embedde media' from being downloaded? At the moment the file name appears on top of the mp3 player and if you click on it, it starts to dowload.

How can we remove that?


mahara mp3.png 

Kristina Hoeppner's profile picture
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05 October 2016, 7:02

Hello Giacomo,

An mp3 file is a content item and all content items can be downloaded by people who are viewing it. If you don't want to display the link to make it harder for people to get to the file, you could comment out that part in the code of the block, but would also do so for any videos that you display.




05 October 2016, 22:07

Hi Christina,


thanks for your reply. I think I would like to do that because, as a music institution, we have students and staff sharing demos and other thing that they might want to share but not be downloaded. I am aware that there is always a way to dowload it anyway, but at least removing the link make the average user stop doing it.


Could you please tell me the location of the file and the line of code I need to comment out? I am not a programmer and I need to point the location to out IT team so that they can amend the code accordingly.


Thanks again for your help,



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06 October 2016, 7:56

Hi Giacomo,

If you add the CSS below to style.css, then it will hide the download links and the "∞Details" links which include a download button. This solution is not selective and will hide for all such links.

Hope it is useful,


.detail-link {
    display: none;
    display: none;



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18 November 2016, 0:57


Thanks for the css snippet Kevin. It's slightly off topic but we've had issues with the details link displaying for text blocks that include an image as an icon and it looks messy - having a way to strip it out will make our pages look better. Just wondering - does anyone know of a way to get the same effect (remove the details link) for specific blocks rather than having to edit code in style.css sitewide? Our tech team are reluctant to make custom changes to source code.

Thanks, Gordon.

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20 November 2016, 14:46

Hi Gordon,

Please note that if you hide the "Details" link, people won't be able to get to the details of the artefact where they can leave comments or get more metadata about the artefact. Maybe it could be made less prominent rather than hidden entirely? We removed the details link from its original position next to the block heading as it was displayed too prominently there.




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24 October 2016, 18:08

Hi Giacomo,

Did Kevin's solution solve your problem?




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