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Wall post bug

29 September 2016, 19:48

Hi Folks,

I am using Mahara1604 and see a bug at Users profile page Wall posting. All artefacts organized at an user's profile page is accessible by all other registered users without any permission issue. But when profile owner attach a file/image in his own wall post, then other users not able to view that image which explains access denied error. Please check the below screenshot.  Please help us to fix this issue. Thanks in advance!wallerror.jpg

08 October 2016, 22:50

Hi Folks,

any update on this? Please update. 

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10 October 2016, 8:40

Hello Akilan,

Thank you for reporting this bug. I can confirm that the images are an issue. I created where you can follow the progress or you can fix it yourself and provide the solution for inclusion in Mahara.




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