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16 September 2016, 9:40 PM

Hi, all

    As I am exlporing diagram drawing software for education usage, I found that might be a good app and an integration with mahara would be a good learning and presenting solution. I also found that there was a free plugin of for Wordpress(, so I suppose the vendor should have motivation to add it on Mahara which is mainly for education market.

   Kristina, could you look into this possibility?

Best Regards


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19 September 2016, 10:36 AM

Hello Jason,

I'm familiar with and it is a handy tool for quick wireframes. I had a look at how to embed a file, and you don't need a plugin if you share your file on Google Drive or any of the other online storage options because you can use the embed code. It is a couple of steps though to get it to work:

  1. Create your file on one of the online storage options.
  2. Authorize the app.
  3. Set up the embed code.
  4. Copy it into Mahara after having allowed
  5. I had to authorize the app again once I had it in Mahara.
  6. I could see my drawing.

This is a bit cumbersome and you'd have to check if you also need to give people access to the files in your online storage directly or if takes care of that. A proper plugin would probably make that process a bit more streamlined if the development team wanted to look into that. There is some basic information on creating a plugin available on the wiki.




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