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Self Registration and Membership with other Institutions

17 August 2016, 6:17

Hi Folks,

I have configured Mahara to register users only for "No Institution" and disabled "Registration allowed" for all other Institutions. That works good for us. Our new complex requirement is inside the user session only, users need option for "Request membership of an institution" with other Institutions. Is it any option for this configuration? Please help me. Thank you in advance!

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17 August 2016, 10:41

Hi Akilan,

Unfortunately, no, Mahara doesn't have a setting for that. There's just one flag "registerallowed", which controls several things:

  • Whether an anonymous user can create an account in that institution via register.php
  • Whether a logged-in user can request to join that institution
  • Whether members of that institution can choose to leave it

If you want to separate out that functionality, you'll need to patch Mahara's codebase. My employer Catalyst IT (the lead maintainers of Mahara) offer support packages if you'd like to hire us to do that for you and help support the project:

Or if you're just looking for a quick-and-dirty fix, the simplest hack would probably be to hard-code the institution selector field in the register.php file. :)



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