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26 July 2016, 20:46


our university operates a Moodle Maraha integration (so-called. "Mahoodle) with SSO via Moodle as a data managing system. Unfortunately, our Moodle Provider (Edugroup-Austria) takes a change of URL the second time for reasons of restructuring.

In the first URL upgrade the Mahara portfolio of users were not found and applied for all who dialed via Moodle to Mahara, a new, polished Mahara account. Simply updating the URL in Mahara didn't solve the issue and an extensive problem solving (with database dump and external Moodle Test Installation) was required. This - ultimately successful - "Troubleshooting" was at last very expensive.

My request:

Is there anyone with experience in Mahara-Moodle integration, he (or she) could take us the reconfiguration of the two systems on a fee or give me at least "waterproof" tips? Our Mahara is hosted by a third provider (DM Solutions). He has successfully performed the mentioned troubleshooting, but he really dares on the reconfiguration of systems.

Thank you so much!
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27 July 2016, 9:41

Hello Johannes,

Sorry to read about the trouble you are experiencing. I'll send you a message.




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28 July 2016, 21:04

Johannes and I resolved the problem. A couple of things might be good for others to know when they attempt a similar change:

  • Overwrite the existing details of the authentication method. If you set up a new authentication method, a second account will be created for each user as Mahara does not know that the people who log in are the same.
  • If you haven't already done so, rotate (delete and have re-created automatically) the public key in Moodle under Network -> Settings. If you don't, it will still be encoded with the old URL's public key and won't be accepted by Mahara.
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