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How to manage group submissions in Mahara?

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18 July 2016, 20:29

Hi All,

We love the integration between Mahara and Moodle very much.

Our teachers are encouraging students to do group work using Mahara group pages, for example, 8 students in a same group will work on the same group page. But during the assessment stage, students cannot submit a group page to Moodle. The current way we are using is to ask students to print the group page to PDF file and then submit the PDF file as a group submission to ICE separately. But this is really not a good way to manage the group submission.

Would anyone help to suggest how to manage the Mahara group submissions in a better way?

Many thanks.


Best wishes,


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19 July 2016, 6:41

Hello Lina,

There is no way to submit a group page to Moodle at the moment. What people do is ask one student to copy the group portfolio into their own account and then submit it to Moodle on behalf of all the other group members. That way you the portfolio can be locked and when videos are embedded or files part of the page, they can be viewed normally.




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19 July 2016, 14:03

Hi Kristina,

Many thanks for your help. The idea you've suggested is really good. I've tried and it is very practical. Now our teachers can manage the group submission better. We really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,


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