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Mahoodle with mahara as master application

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29 June 2016, 3:08

Hi, everyone,

     We are thinking about setting up a mahoodle evironment with mahara as the master application and moodle as the slave. Could anyone give us some analysis on this sort of integration and provide with us any successful case studies? If possible, please share with us your implementation steps.

Thanks and Regards

Jason Dong

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04 July 2016, 11:04

Hello Jason,

While Mahara as master and Moodle as slave is possible, the vast majority of connections are the other way around because only then can you take advantage of the Moodle portfolio export feature and the Mahara assignment submission plugin in Mahara. It also seems that some people run into problems setting up Mahara as master.

However, if you do not care about exporting content from Moodle to Mahara or using the assignment plugin, you could also just use web services or single sign-on to connect the two without having to worry about MNet.

If you do wan to use MNet, instructions for setting up the connection are available at




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07 July 2016, 19:22

Hi, Kristina,

Thanks for you comments and advice.

What I really want is for students landing on their mahara dashboard page or journal page. In a student-centered environment or learning-centered context, learners need first and foremost care about their learning track and reflection. Then, finding a course to attend will be natural.

Appreciate you will provide adice on setting up this sort of environment and any case studies.

Best Regards


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09 July 2016, 2:14

Hi Jason, we added a re-direct. So after a user logs in to Moodle he/she is automatically redirected to Mahara dashboard page, so it looks like Mahara is the landing page. Using this method you still have the advantages of the Moodle portfolio export feature and the Mahara assignment submission plugin in Mahara.



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10 July 2016, 14:36

Hi, Bas

Thanks for sharing your practice. I am new to mahara and moodle, please advice the details of your approach. How do you set up re-direct? in moodle? Can you re-direct the user according to his role?

Best Regards


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