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Question to HTMLPurifier

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23 June 2016, 4:29

Hello. In the actual mahara version is HTMLPurifier 4.7.0 included


What happened with HTML5 + CSS3 support that was in a older version available?

I mean files like,unified


all extensions are missing. I have extend this old version with more HTML and CSS options and upgraded to 4.7.0 too. I only missing support for CSS gradient in this time. Have anyone included support for gradient in HTMLPurifier 4.7.0 for mahara or general?

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23 June 2016, 17:04

Hi Karl,

We've had a bug in Launchpad for quite a while now, to add more support for CSS3 attributes into our HTMLPurifier:

Unfortunately, it has kind of stalled, because we could never find a good, authoritative source on what attributes we should include.

The files that you linked to are from a Gerrit patch for Bug 1264098, which never got merged into core. As you've noticed, that patch does need to be updated now for HTMLPurifier 4.7.



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