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Cloud plugin & Europass plugin for 16.04.1?

14 June 2016, 8:58

Hello Mahara developers,

first of all thank you for this beautiful portfolio tool!

After using it several years I tried to install the latest version on my hosted server and everything works fine.

Because of using Office 365 at our university it would be great to integrate cloud files by plugin from Gregor Anželj. But the GitHub-Version didn't work with 16.04.1

I assume the same for Europass plugin.

Do you have any information about development of this fantastic plugins? I tried to contact Gregor via message but haven't got an answer so far.

Kind regards,


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14 June 2016, 11:41

Hi Günter,

I think Gregor may be away on summer vacation right now, because I sent him a pull request for the cloud plugin last month and I haven't heard back from him either.

Typically for non-core Mahara plugins, it's up to the plugin developer to maintain them. (Although we here at Catalyst IT are willing to do reviews and updates of open-source plugins as part of our software consulting business. If you're interested in that, see Mahara support packages.)

By chance, I recently had a client support request for a security review of the Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Drive sections of the cloud plugin, which I tested against 16.04. That's the pull request I sent to Gregor -- upstreaming the findings of my code review back into his repo. Since that hasn't been upstreamed yet, in the meantime you can try using my fork of his repo:

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to look at the Europass plugin.



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15 June 2016, 9:56

Hi Günther and Aaron.

I just wish I were on holidays... Actually the school year is ending and the final exams are here. I have quite a lot to do and that is the reason I haven't had the time to incorporate your pull request (which I am very grateful for BTW). Hopefully I will do this in next couple of days...

Regarding Europass plugin: the problem is that the Europass XML Schema is currently at version 3.3 and my plugin supports version 2 point something (not exactly sure which). A lot has happened in between so:

1. complete GUI makeover is needed.
2. Europass team changed their webservices from SOAP to REST which is a good news, but it also means that backend communication between the plugin and their webservices must be coded again.
3. some new and/or upgraded functionalities have been added
4. and (I think) that there were also changes on how to export/import Europass data

The plan is to update the plugin (hopefully during summer) and code the support for exporting Europass data - since this is what most users use (I think). And later (after new version of the plugin is released) also add the support for importing Europass data.

Hope that this information helps.


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15 June 2016, 20:41

Ah, that explains it! Well, hopefully since the school year's ending, you'll get a good rest soon. :)

And I see that you have now also merged by pull request. So thanks for that as well.



15 June 2016, 20:57

Hi Gregor,

welcome to the club ;-)

We are also in hurry with our final exams - same procedure as every year.

I really have a guilty conscience about asking for the updates of your fantastic plugins. But because of using Office 365 since Oktober 2015 it would be great to implement the OneDrive files in an easy way. I also prefer to show our students how to use Zotero for their thesis and when they could also use the Zotero plugin that would be very useful. Because of relaunching our Mahoodle system I try to make some video tutorials for our teachers and students during summer holidays.

Nevertheless try to get some regeneration after this school year. If I could help you in any case don't be apprehensive to ask for.

Kind regards,


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