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Add a Quiz?

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07 June 2016, 6:20


I am a newbie just installed the latest version of Mahara.

I want to insert a simple and entertaining quiz for my students. I don't want the hassle of setting up a base like Moodle for a one-off add-on.

I can see one thread discussing this started by Aaron Wells on 11 April 2014 12.37 PM  (as a newbie I am not allowed to insert a link in this post!)--- Has anyone taken this forward and if so could you point me to it?

Many thanks.


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07 June 2016, 7:39

Not an open-source answer, but one lightweight option is to link to the low-cost web service Quizlet.

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07 June 2016, 8:45

Hello William,

Mahara doesn't have built-in quiz functionality. As Geoff alluded to, you could use an online quiz generator and embed it into Mahara if it allows for embedding via an iframe. You can whitelist the iframe under Administration -> Extensions -> Allowed iframe sources.




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07 June 2016, 20:34

Thank you both.

Methinks the iframe will be the way forward.

I am grateful for this forum.



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