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plugin Portfolio Mahara assignsubmission_mahara - maximum attempt

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13 May 2016, 0:21


I am facing an issue with the plugin Portfolio Mahara assignsubmission_mahara (1.2.1-mdl2.7+ 2015021005) (tested and reproduced with moodle 2.7.13 and 3.0).

We noticed that the parameter "Maximum attempts" is not taken into account.

Even if we define maximum attempt = 1, students have unlimited attempt triste

Is it a known issue ?

(i posted this message as well on Moodle forum / )

Thanks for your help

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13 May 2016, 14:50

Hi Emilie,

Can you check whether this behavior also occurs for assignments that are not using the Mahara assignment submission plugin? For example, an assignment that only has an "online text" submission component?

In testing this myself on Moodle 2.7, I notice that you do need to set a couple of counter-intuitive settings in order for the reopen limit to take effect:

1. If you also set "Submission settings -> Require students click submit button" to "No", students will be able to edit their submission as many times as they want, before or after grading, until the assignment's "Cut-off date". Unless the teacher, via the Gradebook, manually closes the student's assignment by locking it or setting "Prevent submission changes" on it. (And if they do "Prevent submission changes", they have to follow it with "Allow submission changes" after grading.)

Apparently this is because, in the "no submit button" workflow, the submission never actually "closes" until the Cut-off date.

2. If you also set "Submission settings -> Attempts reopened" to "Automatically until pass", you also have to set a passing grade for the assignment. This setting is a bit buried. You have to go to the course's "Course Administration -> Grades" page, then to "Administration -> Grade administration -> Categories and items -> Simple view". Then in the "Actions" column, click the edit button next to the assignment. Then on the page that loads up, click the "Show more..." link, and finally the "Grade to pass" field is revealed.

So, please let me know if you observe this behavior also on assignments without the Mahara submission component; and whether one of the above 2 settings might be the issue. If that's the case, then it's an issue with the Moodle core mod/assign plugin, not the Mahara component specifically.



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