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How to use new facility of embedding audio/video in Mahara 16.04

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09 May 2016, 16:33


 I have just upgraded to Mahara 16.04. Many thinks to the developers for this great work.

I seem to be running into some initial difficulties in getting to use the new features introduced. Maybe I am just not getting to the right place from where to use these. In particular, I want to use these two

  • Embed internal video and audio via HTML5-based media player
  • Use embedly

I suppose the first of these two ( embed audio/video) should be available through the buttons on the editor. But when I use the editor in my updated version, I only see the buttons ( choices) as were available earlier. Don't see any buttons to help embed internal audio/video. I tried to place an image here of the screenshot taken on my editor, but the system rejected that posting as ' Sorry, new members are not allowed to post links or URLs'. so I removed it

 So, from where do I get the facility of embedding internal video and audio. Also, how do I get to use the embedly ( I have that extension installed)?





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09 May 2016, 21:22

Hi Alok,

You don't need to install anything. Embedly is automatically enabled in the "External media" block:

As for the internal media, please see You will need to enable the mp4 and mp3 file formats in the Extensions first (link is provided in the user manual).




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