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Git "install" without the need for 'make css'?

29 April 2016, 16:36

I really would appreciate being able to checkout new mahara versions using git (because of the simple "git pull" to get all updates). I am using this for moodle working like a charm - without the need of being a git magician.

When trying to get this running with mahara (e.g. the new 16.04 release) I stumble into a line saying the css for the theme is missing I should do a 

make css

which simply is not possible on my hosted server - I cannot get these privileges (and I do not want to).

Is there a simple way to get rid of this limitation?

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30 April 2016, 15:25

Hi Hermann,

Yes, it's quiet frustrating.

You can read about the reason it was done this way here:

There are plans to improve it with calls to webservices to get the css files.

There is also this bug report :

You can download the zip file and copy the css files on top of your copy.

I know it's not ideal but it's a work around for the time being.

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01 June 2024, 3:13

30 April 2016, 15:25 until now in the mid 2024 and the same problem still exists in the newest Mahara version and we tried t get it up and running but that error is now again causing a longer downtime.

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05 June 2024, 22:10

Hi Andi,

We do not have any concrete plans at the moment to change this process, but will port this feature request over into GitLab and review if that is something that we can accomplish. For the time being, the CSS is compiled in the Zip files that are available for each release.

When we encounter the problem of not being able to run the 'make' command on a server directly in a Git checkout, we compile the CSS locally and then transfer it to the server.

Please note that all third-party plugins now require Composer and thus code needs to be pulled from the respective online repositories and compiled if you use Git. Compiled third-party plugins are available via the Zip downloads.



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