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Posting Links and Files on Mahara

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27 April 2016, 20:59


I would like to use Mahara for posting and sharing both links and files in an academic environment and also discuss them through Mahara's social structures.


(a) is there any simple way for a user to list links and control access to them and

(b) Is there any simple way for users to upload and list files and control access to them?

I asked the first question some 5 years ago and the facility did not seem available at the time. Maybe things have changed :)

Thank you


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07 May 2016, 15:25

Hello Andrew,

Welcome back to Mahara. :-) I found your original post on the link topic. We have not yet integrated the bookmark plugin and from what you had written last time, it didn't seem to be enough for what you wanted to achieve.

You can of course always add links manually to text and put that into a page that you share with whomever should see all the links, but then you wouldn't be able to sort them in different ways. An external system such as Zotero (you can create groups and also various libraries and then share those with others) or a bookmarking tool where you can tag your content seems to be more appropriate for that sort of thing to me.

As for the files, we have a file repository (already back in 2011). You can add files and then make those available in your portfolio pages either based on a certain folder or add them individually. That way you can mix and match files in different pages and control the access to them easily.




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09 May 2016, 16:22

Thank you so much Kristina! Pity ... but that's the way it is.

Ciao for now


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