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File upload size limit in 15.4

30 March 2016, 7:25

Hello Mahara Users,

Is there a file upload size limit in Mahara 15.4 or 15.10?

I personally have never exceeded any kind of file size limit, but I got this question from one of our staff users who manages the tenure and promotion program who is concerned about faculty uploading large files.



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30 March 2016, 21:09

Hello Heather,

The file upload size is limited by what's in your server configuration. Technically, it could be very large, but realistically, you would limit it to a reasonable amount depending on a) how much quota your users have, and b) whether they'd run into timeout issues if the upload size is too big or if it exceeds a limit that your university sets. You may also not allow unlimited size uploads so that users don't potentially misuse it as filesharing server. Note that the upload size is the same for everyone. You can give individual users more file quota, but can't adjust how big a file can be.




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