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SSO with Moodle_authentication in mahara

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23 March 2016, 20:17

hi,I am new member and I am learning mahara , and I have some questions about how to authenticate users

  • I am using mahara 15.1 , downloaded from
  • platform runniong mahara on is Windows, Apache(WAMP)

we are using Moodle and we will use mahara, so I want to use SSO , I followed the steps here(in test site) and it works !

so all users from moodle site can click on mahara link and they load in mahara and no need to enter username and password.

I have different scenario and I want to know how to do it in mahara

1) when user enters mahara directly , I want the site redirect the user to Moodle, how to do it?

2) if user's account  removed from moodle, can user still enter mahara or not?? 

if not , how to overcome this? since I want some users to continue to enter mahara (for graduated students they will not have access to moodle, but I want them to continue access their portfolio ) how to do it?


Thank you

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30 March 2016, 21:15


There is a link back to Moodle in the "Login" / "Profile" sideblock when a user logs in via Moodle. They can click that and be taken back to Moodle. They are not taken back to the place where they came from though but rather to the first page they see when they log in to Moodle.

When a user's account is removed from Moodle, the user account is still present in Mahara. However, the user won't be able to log in anymore as their authentication is tied to Moodle. You can change their authentication method to internal Mahara authentication and then send them their username so they can reset their password.

Alternatively, if you've set up your users in a new institution in Mahara and not in "No institution", you can simply remove them from the institution (not delete them!), they are being placed in "No institution" and receive an email with their internal Mahara username automatically.




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