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Student survey on ePortfolio motivations and impacts

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13 March 2016, 14:58

cross-posting from the EPAC mailing list for wider distribution:

Dear EPAC—

A group of University of Michigan students are working on a design project that explores the motivations behind and impacts of eportfolio development from a student perspective. More information is below. They have put together a brief survey and welcome input from students throughout the international eportfolio community. Please feel free to forward widely.

Sincere thanks—


Carrie Luke

Portfolio Lead
University Library
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Dear Fellow Student—
MPortfolio is the University of Michigan's electronic portfolio program. It is aimed at supporting and promoting the integrative and engaged learning life-cycle for students, faculty, and staff. 

As part of our needs assessment and usability evaluation course, we at the U-M School of Information are assisting MPortfolio in understanding their target audience and what motivates them to develop, maintain, and use an eportfolio.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could spare five minutes of your time to share your experience, which would go a long way in helping MPortfolio cater to all students' needs! Please do so by midnight on Monday, March 14. Thank you in advance!

Akshay Potnis, Jaee Apte, Kanchi Bhawalkar, and Varun Joshi

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