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block titles disappear

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05 March 2016, 21:08

Hello, I'm using a previous version of Mahara - maybe 15.04. When I click the cog icon to edit a block -  to upload files to it or add some text - the block title disappears and I have to keep adding it again. Any advice welcome. Thanks.


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06 March 2016, 20:20

Hello Diane,

Mhh. That is very unusual. Please check with your site admin that you are using the latest version of Mahara 15.04. Currently, that is version 15.04.5. Your site admin can find that information on the "Administration" main page. If you are not already on that version, please update to it. Also, does the problem occur for other users as well?




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01 April 2016, 16:38

Hi Diane,

Also, which browser were you using?

Did it make a difference if you switched browsers?




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