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Moodle Feedback Plugin 2.6+

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11 February 2016, 22:40

Hi All,

I see the Moodle feedback plugin which handles the release of graded assignments in Mahara has not been updated since last February and is only listed up to Moodle 2.6, now four versions behind the current release.

Is there an issue +2.6 or is it simply that the plugin needs to be updated to include higher versions on Moodle.Org?

Assuming there are no issues +2.6 it would be worth updating the plugin to reflect support for higher versions of Moodle, it only takes a couple of minutes to do :-)

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12 February 2016, 21:36

Hi Jez,

You don't need the assignment feedback plugin anymore. :-) That's why it hasn't been updated. Please see It now contains everything.




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