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Auto update profile picture from Moodle

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11 February 2016, 3:30

Good morning!

Scenario, User login to our moodle, change profile picture, head to Mahara, we can see the new picture available in the list and can set it by default. Can that be automated? If a profile picture is changed in moodle, change it in Mahara?

Thank you.

13 February 2016, 9:35

I think this IS done automatically, perhaps depending on the settings when coupling Moodle and Mahara. In Networking/Manage peers I have a checkmark on default settings for "fields to import" and "fields to export" which includes in both cases "picture".

Perhaps you would have to wait a little or delete cache in your browser.

Anyway my pictures are updated automatically (Moodle and Mahara latest versions).


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14 February 2016, 20:56

Hi Eric and Hermann,

It seems that Eric's pictures do come across, but aren't directly selected as new default profile picture. In contrast to Moodle, Mahara allows for up to 5 profile pictures. I suspect there is a place in the code that you can change to force the use of the new profile picture.

You can file a wishlist item or we can look into this for you if you require it more urgently.




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17 February 2016, 6:45

That is exactly it!

I will file a wishlist.

Thank you.

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