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Post humanism and heutagogy

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10 February 2016, 4:56

Hi,  anyone else interested in how Mahara use can facilitate understanding of heutagogic approaches to learning and use of tech from a post-humanist perspective? I would be happy to connect :)

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22 February 2016, 13:29

Hi Teresa, I had to look up heutagogy! and wondered what on earth post humanism was. So thank you for introducing me to the terms. Post humanism doesn't quite do it for me but I am absolutely delighted your post sent me into reading a little about heutagogy. It's certainly opened my eyes to a new way of talking about ePortfolio benefits, and I hope a dialogue might emerge here. You probably have seen this by Stewart Hase, Southern Cross University, but it helped me get a bit of a perspective on the term.

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23 February 2016, 10:03

I'm interested in hearing about it, but I have no input into it. ;) Like David, I just googled heutogogy: apparently it means learner-directed learning, which was indeed one of the founding ideas behind Mahara.

Posthumanism I'm only familiar with from science fiction, as the idea of embracing a sort of expansion beyond traditional human limitations, via technology. Does it have different shades of meaning in an elearning context?
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