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conflicting domain name, e.g.

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03 February 2016, 1:52

Hello everyone in this forum,

my superior just informed me about this post on a moodle group

( link unfortunatelly removed, as I am a new user)

regarding the (apparently illicit) utilization of the word moodle in the domain name, as well as the utilization of the moodle logo in moodle sites deployed at universities.

quote from here:

(link unfortunatelle removed, as I am a new user)  :

" is run by an official Moodle partner so that is fine. Re  (and I don't know what you mean John by "the original Moodle"), quoting from an earlier discussion on the same topic here -  (link unfortunatelly removed, as I am a new user)  If you are selling Moodle services (Moodle hosting, Moodle development, Moodle Themes etc) you cannot use the word "Moodle" unless you are a Moodle Partner. That includes the use of the word in domain names (which includes subdomains). If you are just using Moodle to deliver your own training like a university/school/private training then from what I understand you can use the word "Moodle" in your domain and on your site to describe the installation"


as we are currently in the deployment stage of mahara, we are more than interested in your experiences, respectively the standpoint of mahara itself.

should we better name our instance:  or  would still be OK now, and in the future?

thanks for your opinions,



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03 February 2016, 13:50

Hello Bernie,

You can view our trademark policy on the wiki.

I'll get back to you on this within a few days as to any further explanations.



P.S. I removed the probation period from your account so that you can post links now.


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08 February 2016, 13:51

Hello Bernie,

Generally, we allow the use of "mahara" in a domain name of education institutions when they are non-business related without a prior approval step. That's why for example or are OK.

Please do feel free to contact us if you are in doubt of any of the use and information in the trademark policy needs explaining.




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11 February 2016, 2:14

Hi Kristina,

thanks for both of your replies about that matter.

It is clearer now for me, having read the wiki.

For the time being we will name our instance here:





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