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28 December 2015, 18:47

Firstly let me thank everyone involved in getting this to work. This is a wonderful environment for pupils to work and for me as a teacher to handle all this work.

I am using this set of plugins in my Mahoodle-Installation (latest both: 3.0.1, 15.10.1). There are some issues I don't really understand.

1. (Minor importance) Somewhere was noted I would need a Mahara plugin for listing the outcomes from moodle grading inside Mahara. I installed it but it did (seemingly) nothing. Is this really necessary? Is this functionality obsolete? 

2. (Major importance) When grading in moodle the submissions appear in my table but clicking on them gives an empty popup. Only "Open in new tab" is working - so I can handle this.

3. (Urgent) Again and again I get into a situation where submitted views from pupils have the marker "submitted to moodle on ..." inside mahara but this does not show up in moodle. But the view is not available (as one would expect) to be submitted again. My workaround is to produce a copy of the view in Mahara, which can be submitted again. Did not investigate into every detail but my question is: where to investigate? Can a submission be reset somewhere (in mahara, in moodle)?


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29 December 2015, 8:54

Hello Hermann,

Thank you for reporting the problems you encountered. Listing the outcomes is not part of the Mahara assignment submission plugin (anymore) to my knowledge. In the past, the outcomes would come across, but you couldn't use them at all in Mahara as you couldn't put them into a block on a page.

What sort of tablet do you use and which browser do you use on it?

For your urgent issues, what do you mean by "This doesn't show up in Moodle"? Are the pages not submitted to be viewed there? You did say that you see submissions when you graded them. Can you please provide more details, screenshots, a short screencast or something like that?

Do you have the latest version of the plugin?  I see that the repository (not yet part of the released plugin) includes a few more fixes just in December.




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