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Upgrading from version 1.6.10 (1.7.8) of mahara to latest required.

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14 December 2015, 22:14

Hello everybody,


I have an old mahara installation running 1.6.3.

I have created a clone of the system i vmware and manage to upgrade it to 1.6.8

And there after to 1.7.8.

How ever is there any upgrade matrix which tells you which is the minimum required version when upgrading from version X to version Y and so forth.

Or can I always go from the oldest to the latest?


I can't seem to find any information on that, or at least I have not tried hard enough.


Thank you in advance.

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14 December 2015, 23:27

Hi Mattias,

I recently upgraded a Mahara system from 1.7.1 to 15.4.3 and subsequently to 15.4.5

For the upgrade from 1.7.1 to 15.4.3 I only applied the first stable version of each release, so 1.8.0, 1.9.0....  and it all worked fine for me.

I would advise taking a database dump before each upgrade so that you can roll back if the next one goes wrong for some reason.

Hope this is of help.


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15 December 2015, 10:32

Hi Mattias,

We don't have it centralized on one page, but each Mahara release indicates in its release notes (on Launchpad) and in its included README file, which Mahara versions it supports a direct upgrade from.

From 1.6 you can actually directly upgrade to any of the later Mahara versions. However, while we've tried to support direct upgrades from all older Mahara versions, recent bug reports have indicated that there can be issues if you do a direct upgrade across several versions (like 1.6 -> 15.10). So if you want to be safe, then the best thing is to do a sequential upgrade, 1.6 -> 1.7 -> 1.8, etc.

Regarding your specific question about 1.6.10 -> 1.7.8. Yes, you can always upgrade from one "major version" of Mahara to the next "major version". In this case you'd be going from major version 1.6 to major version 1.7.



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