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collaborate on a shared page

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10 December 2015, 0:00


I wish to have group members be able to modify a particular group page (not all group pages) so they can each contribute to its contents (add text blocs, articles from their personal blogs).

I see that this setting is available at the group level sharing options (by selecting "member" in the share options of the group added) this option does not appear when sharing a page but is there a way to set it only for a particular page?

It would also be useful when asking group members to collaborate and share their the production of their collaboration through a page shared with the group.



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23 December 2015, 12:37

Hello Kalli,

In order to achieve that you would allow everyone in the group to edit pages / content and then for the pages that you don't want them to edit, lock them for admin editing only on the "Edit title and description" page for that particular page.




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