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04 December 2015, 4:54

We're running a very old V1.7.  Is there a feature matrix document that shows what features have been added as the newer versions came along?  It would be very useful to investigate how the new features could be used in our institution.

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04 December 2015, 8:25

Hello David,

We don't have a full document, but list the features of each new release in the index of the user manual under "New in Mahara [version]". The ones you'd need to look at are:

If you are just after the highlights, you can check out the release notes published in the "News" forum for each release or the release notes on Launchpad (new features are only added to the .0 release of each new release of Mahara). A list is available at

Or you can view the presentations I gave (a selection; the videos include links to the slides in the description) on highlights:




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