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03 December 2015, 4:36

Hello everyone,
Since I'm on 15.10 I get some errors on some pages I try to reach.
Here when I want to add a user.
Would you be so kind and tell me what I have to fix?
Thank you.
[WAR] 2c (lib/errors.php:459) An exception was thrown of class Dwoo_Exception.
THIS IS BAD and should be changed to something extending MaharaException,
unless the exception is from a third party library.
Original trace follows
[WAR] 2c (lib/dwoo/dwoo/Dwoo/Template/File.php:153) Template "form/multitext.tpl" could not be found in any of your include path(s)
Call stack (most recent first):
  • Dwoo_Template_File->getResourceIdentifier() at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/dwoo/dwoo/Dwoo/Template/File.php:254
  • Dwoo_Template_File->getCompiledFilename(object(Dwoo_Mahara)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/dwoo/dwoo/Dwoo/Template/String.php:341
  • Dwoo_Template_String->getCompiledTemplate(object(Dwoo_Mahara), null) at.../mahara/htdocs/lib/dwoo/dwoo/Dwoo/Core.php:373
  • Dwoo_Core->get(object(Dwoo_Template_File), array(size 6)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/dwoo/mahara/Dwoo_Mahara.php:123
  • Dwoo_Mahara->fetch("form/multitext.tpl") at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/form/elements/multitext.php:38
  • pieform_element_multitext(object(Pieform), array(size 8)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/pieforms/pieform.php:1480
  • Pieform->build_element_html(array(size 8)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/pieforms/pieform.php:714
  • Pieform->build() at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/pieforms/pieform.php:169
  • Pieform::process(array(size 8)) at .../mahara/htdocs/lib/pieforms/pieform.php:71
  • pieform(array(size 8)) at.../mahara/htdocs/admin/users/add.php:156
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03 December 2015, 9:13

Hi Philippe,

That error is indicating that a file is missing. Template "form/multitext.tpl" could not be found.

Can you check that the file multitext.tpl exists at the htdocs/theme/raw/templates/form/ directory?

It should contain the files listed here:



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03 December 2015, 13:34

If the file is present, check its file permissions. It (and all the other Mahara htdocs files) needs to be readable by the web server.

It'd be a bit strange if multitext.tpl was missing. That file has been virtually unchanged since Mahara 1.6.



05 December 2015, 3:43

Thank you. It's resolved. I made a bad git command that deleted some tpl files.

It's now good for me.


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