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Submissions to group; only last five submissions display - is there a fix for this bug please?

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30 November 2015, 16:37


We have a staff member who has reported the same pagination error outlined in bug 1485763 - submissions to group; only last five submissions display. 

We are running Mahara version 15.04.3 and hoping there may be a fix available as our affected staff member is trying to mark and finalise end of year assessment submissions. 




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30 November 2015, 18:55

Hi Nayomie

I believe this was fixed in 15.4.04 - an upgrade to that version should fix it.


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01 December 2015, 12:26

Yep, if you look at the status section at the top of Bug 1510421 on Launchpad, you can see that for the 15.04 series it's marked as "Fix released", with milestone "15.04.4". That means the bug was fixed, and the fix is included in 15.04.4 and later. So you can upgrade, or just apply the 15.04 patch for the bug:

We actually just released Mahara 15.04.5 a few days ago, so if you're going to upgrade, I would recommend going with that:



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