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Searching users with space in surname

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24 November 2015, 2:41


this is an odd one but if I search for a user with the surname "Le Roux" no results are returned, user admin or group admin. There are 4 users with the surname in the system being used. 

I'm assuming it is due to the space in the surname? 

Am I right in saying there is no partial name search in place?

How do countries where this style of surname is more common deal with the issue?

I'm happy to look into writing a patch if this is helpful.

Mahara 15.4 and MySQL.


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24 November 2015, 11:33

Hi Kevin,

The first thing I would do is check your search settings under admin/extensions/pluginconfig.php?plugintype=search&pluginname=internal

There is a toggle for exact search.

When it is on it will look for surnames equalling 'Le' or 'Roux'

When it is switched off it will look for surnames containing the string 'Le' or 'Roux'

does that help?


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24 November 2015, 22:18

Hi Robert,

thank you that works perfectly. I really should have spotted that, too many things to do and too few working brain cells ;)



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02 December 2015, 3:19

Hello Kevin,

See if turning off exact search doesn't affect other searches. It will always return more results because it's showing you everything that contains at least one of the two words. Exact search was implemented to find every John Doe but not also John Smith, John Simmonds etc. If you and your users can live with that, no more is required.




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