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Auto assign Moodle cohorts to Mahara groups?

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13 November 2015, 10:35

Hi, apologies if this is covered somewhere already...

An university I'm working with is asking if large groups of users from Moodle can be auto-enrolled in particular groups in Mahara based on Moodle status, ?  e.g. enrolled in a particular course, or part of a particular cohort...?

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16 November 2015, 1:53

I want to know that, too! :)

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02 December 2015, 8:25

Hello Don and Lars,

You might be able to do that with web services. I know that our sister company, Catalyst IT Australia, had done Moodle courses to Mahara groups several years ago when web services was still a third-party plugin, but I don't think we've done it with cohorts yet. We might need to set some new web services up.




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