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Open Badge survey

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09 October 2015, 16:13


Mahara and Open Badges go well together. If you are already using badges, please consider responding to the survey from the survey. You don't need to be a member of the Europortfolio community to do so.




From Rob Ward:

Implementing Open Badges: your opportunity to contribute to the first international survey of Open Badge implementation!

Open Badges are a relatively new development in Education.  This first survey of practice will help us to discover where institutions are up to with interest in, and adoption of, Open Badges across Europe and beyond, the purposes people are using Badges for, and to find out what the perceived barriers to implementation are.

So, if you have an interest in Badges you can contribute by completing our survey at


And, if you know of other practice please encourage colleagues to complete the survey too.

Your support with this is greatly appreciated. The final research will be published in RAPPORT  (The International Journal for Recording Achievement, Planning and Portfolios) published by the Centre for Recording Achievement, and a summary of results will be circulated through various JISCmail lists, and the Europortfolio network.  So the more people contribute the richer the picture we will be able to report upon.

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