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User Reporting - Exporting List of Expired Users

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22 September 2015, 4:21


I apologize if this has been posted but I did a quick search and didn't find my question exactly so I wanted to post it here...

My boss's boss wants a report of all the expired users sent to her and, while I can see it under Users > Suspended and Expired Users, I cannot see a way of exporting that list. Is there a way to export (into an excel, CSV, or something like that) the suspended and expired user list from Mahara's GUI without having to do back end queries on the server or anything like that? I was just the trainer on how to use the portfolio system and now I have been sort of prompted to do a lot more server wise which I haven't had much experience with just yet.


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23 September 2015, 11:55

Hi Rob,

Sorry to say, Mahara does not currently have this functionality. There is a "user report" that you can export to CSV via the User Search page, but it's limited to 500 users at a time, and it doesn't filter by expired users.

Meanwhile, you can view expired users on the "Expired & Suspended users" page, but there's no export to CSV option there.


So you will need to either do some SQL queries against the database, or write/commission some PHP code to generate the reports.



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